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The Skinny on Injection Molding

At Sea Link International, we’ve perfected this essential process to ensure that your final product is the best of the best. But, unless you’re a seasoned veteran of the lighting industry, you might not have a full understanding of this process. Let us enlighten you.

During the injection molding process, molten plastic or metal is forced into a mold, often referred to as a die or tool, shaped like the final product. Then, the material cools in the mold, allowing it to take its intended shape. After some finishing touches, the part is ready to go!

This process allows for a large diversity in the materials used to create parts, and can be easily customized to fit a variety of specifications. On top of that, injection molding helps to maintain the quality of each and every part, since each one is being cut from the same exact mold.

But, the benefits of injection molding with metals don’t stop there:

– The process is an extremely cost-effective way to manufacture a large quantity of complex parts.
– Injection molding helps to improve production time.
– It helps to cut down on material waste, a benefit with increasing significance as material prices rise daily.
– Limitations are minimal when it comes to the materials used to create parts with injection molding; this process can be completed with a variety of alloys and plastics.

As a leader in the automotive lighting industry, Sea Link International is dedicated to delivering the best in quality, innovation, and cost. Our ongoing efforts to improve our manufacturing processes and perfect our injection molding techniques are proof of that.

To learn more about injection molding, or get more information on how Sea Link can help you, contact us today!

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