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DVN Shanghai

The Sea Link team at DVN Shanghai

Sea Link exhibited at the DVN Conference in Shanghai, China April 25 – 26, 2017. This important conference was attended by nearly 300 industry professionals, including car makers, set makers, Tier 2s, and lighting and regulatory organizations. Representing SLI were Tara Dunfield, VP of Business Development and Marketing, Dave Kavulick, Director of Sales, Lanseer Xu, Sales Manager Asia, Ting Zhang, SLMC Engineering Manager, and Eva Bao, Sales Assistant Asia.

Sea Link’s exhibit included innovations in heat sink technology, including the use of magnesium for thermal, weight and vibrational benefits. Sea Link showcased production examples of integrating headlamp brackets with heat sinks for exceptional performance benefits in LED headlamp applications. LED technology continues to be a growth area for exterior lighting, as confirmed by multiple lectures at the conference that focused on this topic. Sea Link demonstrated we are well-positioned to support future applications and innovations in LED exterior lighting.

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