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The Advantages of Die Casting

Die casting is a very straightforward process. It involves molten metal being forced under high pressure into a mold cavity. This mold cavity is created with the help of two steel dies that were engineered to mimic the functionality and shape of an injection mold. In any case, the temperature of the chamber depends on the metal being used.

The tools needed to complete the die casting process can equate to rather high production costs, reserving this technique for high-volume projects. Though, the process is relatively simple, involves only four main steps (helping to keep the cost per item fairly low), and typically produces quality surface finish and dimensional consistency.

Faster production is also possible with this process because it easily creates complex shapes within closer tolerances than most mass production processes. Additionally, each mold can produce thousands of identical castings without having to be serviced. These parts are also known for their dimension and durability.

Parts produced using this die casting method are also stronger than plastic injection moldings with the same dimensions. It’s also possible for thin wall castings to be stronger and lighter than those produced using other casting methods. On top of that, since the result is one single part, rather than multiple pieces welded together, the strength of the final product is that of the chosen metal and does not rely on the strength of the joining process.

Additionally, die cast parts can be produced with smooth or textured surfaces that are easily plated or finished with little to no surface preparation. These parts also allow for simplified assembly with integral fastening elements, like bosses and studs.

Because of the versatility of die casting, it can be used to fit a variety of needs. If you’re considering the process for your next large project, Sea Link International can help! As the leading tier 2 Automotive Lighting manufacturer, we’re known for our unique capabilities and ability to develop innovative solutions to every problem. Contact us today.

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