Sea Link International – Brackets

Sea Link International provides brackets for automotive applications in Aluminum, Magnesium, hot and cold rolled steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel.  We can provide technical support to optimize your design in material and functionality.

Sea Link provides custom brackets for Automotive Lighting and Infotainment applications in a multitude of sizes and configurations.  Considerations such as tinsel strength, bend radius, and product utilization are factors we incorporate during design and development, and carry this through to production.

Brackets and frames can incorporate functional heat sinks into one-piece assemblies providing both structural support and thermal management.  This is ideal in Lighting for applications such as headlamp brackets and in Infotainment to support the trend towards larger screens and multiple screen designs.  These integrated assemblies can be executed with a single tool set, in lieu of multiple tools required for separate heat sink and bracket designs, thus saving tool costs and reducing part number complexity.

Utilization of Magnesium provides the potential for 33% – 50% lighter weight over Aluminum designs, while providing the structural integrity the larger assemblies require.  Magnesium Thixomolding enables production of components in challenging applications, allowing more design freedom through tighter tolerances, thinner walls and integrated design features.  Tool life is extended up to 100% over ADC.  These benefits are key to both Exterior Lighting and Infotainment applications, and answer to the demands of vehicle OEMs.

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