Sea Link International – Stampings & Light Shields

Our 30 years of production experience and technical expertise allows Sea Link International to manufacture Stampings and Light Shields with outstanding quality at competitive pricing.

Sea Link International can provide design support and material recommendations for deep draw cups, complex angles, clips, multi part assemblies, scroll cuts, platings, coatings and finishes and stamped heat sinks.  We also specialize in caulking technology for part integration without fasteners.  

We provide expertise in coatings such as high heat paint, anodization, chrome, black oxide, and E-coatings.  Material types include stainless steel, cold and hot rolled steels, aluminum, special alloys and custom hybrids to suit the application.  

To discuss your next project with our in-house Engineering Team or Professional Sales Manager, please contact us today at (727) 523-8660 or