Sea Link International’s Capabilities

Engineering | Development | Design

Design & Product Prototyping

Metallization | Coatings

Magnesium Thixomolding

Plastics Molding


Die Casting


Sea Link International’s proven advantage of Al and Mg technical expertise with execution of customer-specific and regulatory requirements:

  • Collaborative development programs
  • Prototyping for thermal, mechanical and optical evaluations
  • Ability to meet industry leading precision requirements for complex LED lighting designs in ADC, MDC and Thixomolding
  • Ability to provide subassemblies, modules and small lamp assemblies
  • Technical support and services such as thermal simulations, special studies for environmental, coatings, etc.

Metallization Capabilities

Robotic Spray Painting

Die Casting and Thixomolding

PPS Reflector Flame Treatment

Injection Molding

Fog Lamp Aiming